Where to eat: January Picks

Starting 2018 with an intention to become healthier, eat less, burn more? Is it the time to drop bad habits and become a new and improved version of yourself? Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up yummy treats. Delicious food can also be relatively healthy and good for you! Our picks for January are places, which might be a good idea even when you’re really adamant about your resolutions!

Caddy’s January Pick:

Place: Hamy’s
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Where: Hasenheide 10, 10967, Berlin (U-Bahn: U7/U8 Hermannplatz, )
Recommendation: Literally everything.

What New Year’s resolutions you say? This is usually where I would throw all diet-related qualms out the window. But I shan’t be a temptress, and instead, I’ll recommend one of my favourite (and healthy) spots in Berlin to chow-down, Hamy’s Vietnamese.

Hamy’s is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded food spots in the city. Located in the lively borough of Neukölln, the small restaurant offers incredibly quick service, great food at an almost too reasonable price. It’s not unusually to walk away spending just under €10 while dining here, which includes a main dish (€4.90) and a Saigon beer (€2.00).

But let’s talk dishes. Although you’ll always find a decent Pho’banh on the menu I find it’s best to look on the chalkboard for their daily specials. Over the years of coming here, I’ve had everything from spicy red curries, peanut-tofu curries and a personal favourite, their yellow chicken curry. No matter which dish you choose you’re guaranteed fresh vegetables, quality meat and a decent-sized portion.

Coming in large groups may be tricky, as Hamy’s is an incredibly popular spot with not many tables inside. I find it to be a good spot for a quick bite with a friend or a date. In summer there are long tables outside which is much better for groups. Even though the long summer days are a few months away, I’m sure after you’ve had Hamy’s once you’ll be coming back again. Overall, if you’re looking for quality food, fast service and wait staff who speak English Hamy’s is the place to be.


Theresa’s January Pick:

Place: MA’LOA Poké Bowl
Cuisine: Hawaiian
Where: Oranienburger Straße 7, 10178 Berlin (U-Bahn: U8 Weinmeisterstraße)
Recommendation: One of the bowls

New Year, new me! One of the thoughts almost everyone has at least once in January. Therefore, it is not surprising that every second New Year’s resolution is related to doing more sport or eating healthier. I did that for years too. But failed mostly in the middle of the month – I just love fries too much! But MA’LOA will help you this year to stick to your New Year’s resolutions with their yummy poke bowls. Located in the heart of Berlin, in Mitte, it is the perfect place to have a healthy lunch in January.

Entering the small restaurant, you feel like coming to a beach bar in Makaha. The Hawaiian themed interior puts you perfectly in the mood for the yummy bowls. You either can create your own bowl by picking different ingredients or choosing one from the menu. No matter what you choose, you will surely enjoy the fresh taste of Hawaii.

Plus: Since we are in Mitte, the Hipster Mecca of Berlin: the bowls, as well as the interior, are an amazing shot for Instagram!

How much is the fish? Well, the large range of fresh ingredients plus the whole hipsterness has its price. The bowls are between €10-€13 but are totally worth it. Treat yourself a bit and take a little lunch vacation in Hawaii.



Marta’s January Pick:

Place: cha chã
Cuisine: Thai
Where: Friedrichstrasse 63, 10117 Berlin
Recommendation: Curry!

Cha cha

Do you want to know what I got for Christmas? Fat. I got fat. Just kidding… or am I? Anyway, keeping up with the slightly lighter eating theme at the start of 2018, and helping you a bit with the resolutions you might have made, my pick for January is a place that is not only delicious but also verges on the side of healthy.

Working in an office in the very centre of Berlin’s Mitte I am slowly becoming an expert in lunch spots around that area. My recent find is cha chã. Located directly on the ever so busy Friedrichstrasse, this Thai place will warm you up during these cold days with a nutritious bowl of authentic curry, packed with fresh vegetables, or a spicy salad. It’s very roomy, so you don’t have to worry much about finding a spot during the busy lunch hours!

In the last few weeks, I went to eat there twice and became a fan of their curry bowls. Perfect little pieces of sunshine for these short and gloomy winter days! The one and only thing that bugs me about cha chã is the level of spiciness of their dishes. I have a feeling it’s a bit toned down to fit European tastes and could be hotter. Then again, I am a firm believer in “the hotter, the better” and could drink hot sauce straight from the bottle so I might not be objective in this case. Apart from that, this Thai place definitely hits the spot when it comes to a good balance between healthy and tasty.


Where to eat: December Picks

Christmas is just around the corner and the temperatures are dropping rapidly, so it’s time to get your winter body ready, for survival reasons of course. We know our Mothers are starting to bake traditional Christmas cookies, preparing pre-Christmas food and stocking the house with alcohol. But the time before Christmas in Berlin offers a wonderful opportunity to get together with your friends and finish off the year by warming up your stomach for Christmas dinner.

Where to do just that? We, The Three Wise Hungry Girls, have picked our favourite spots to indulge the Christmas season in Berlin.

Caddy’s December Pick

Place: Pig & Tiger

Cuisine: Korean

Where: Schillerpromenade 32, 12049 Berlin (U-Bahn: Boddinstrasse/Leinestrasse)

Recommendation: Piggy Buns and Hite beer

Pig Tiger

Some may argue that December in Berlin is a time for glühwein and roasted almonds, which is fine, I get it. But if you really want to warm up your body from its core, Korean food is the way to go.

Luckily I found Pig & Tiger not far from my place in Neukölln. The restaurant is hidden away in the gorgeous Schillerkiez, which I recommend anyone coming to Berlin to check out.

Upon entering the cosy and trendy restaurant, I had one issue, I didn’t know what I wanted to order. It wasn’t that there weren’t fifty things on the menu, there were about 10, and they all looked really good. After some internal conflict between my head and my stomach, an agreement was reached.

I went for four dishes; the Chicken Kaarage, Magic Mandu, Happy Squid and Piggy Buns. I guess you could say my stomach got the best of the agreement. The Happy Squid was good, I really enjoy the lime-aioli marinate it came with. The Magic Mandy, handmade dumplings with a veggie filling of spring onions and gochu karu oil, were 110% nom-able. The Chicken Kaarage was good too, but after a few bites, I found it was a bit too rich for my liking.

My personal favourite was the Piggy Buns, for €7.90 I got two decent size bao buns with well-marinated pulled pork – oh hell yeah.

I also loved the interior design of this place. The lighting was dim enough so it created a relaxing atmosphere without taking away my sense of sight. I found the chairs to be quite comfortable and the staff were lovely too.

caddy starters

caddy burger

Theresa’s December Pick

Place: Le Saint Amour

Cuisine: French – Lyonnaise

Where: Maybachufer 2, 12047 Berlin

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 18:30 – 00:00

Recommendation: Coque au vin and the gateau fondant au chocolate

theresa interior

Finding a good French restaurant outside of France is not as easy as you might think. But I think I found a spot in the middle of Kreuzkölln, nicely located at Maybachufer, where you can get simple, yet delicious, French cuisine.

Walking into Le Saint Amour I felt like I was back in France. Everything is so French: the interior, the staff, the guests, even the smell. But no worries, the staff speaks good German and English.

To the food: the menu of the Le Saint Amour offers simple and traditional French dishes which are typical for the region around Lyon. The range might look small, but it is enough to get the taste of France in all its variation: Cheese, smoked duck, snails, steak et frites, chocolate cake, crème brulée.

We ate our way through the menu starting with the cheese variation (yes, I know you don’t start with cheese, but hey! It is cheese!). The plate included several different kinds of cheese which proved to be enough as a starter for 2 people.

For my main dish, I ordered the coqui au vin. The meat was soft and tasty and suited well to the potatoes and the sauce. The portion was just in the right size to be full but still have some place left for dessert. Since I am a little chocolate addict I finished the menu with a gateau fondant au chocolate – a chocolate cake. The perfect final of a great evening in France.

theresa wine


Marta’s December Pick

Restaurant: The Little Green Rabbit

Cuisine: Salads, soups, healthy greens

Where: Friedrichstrasse 200, 10117 Berlin (entrance Mauerstrasse)

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 17:00, Saturday – Sunday 11:00 – 16:00

Recommendation: Salmon salad with croutons

marta interior

When the cold hits, I usually opt for hot food, that is supposed to keep me warm, cosy, and that works well with my hibernation state in the winter months. Yet, every now and then, I have this huge craving for something fresh, crunchy and accompanied by that long gone summer feeling.

My go-to place for that is currently The Little Green Rabbit, which has two locations in Mitte: one around Checkpoint Charlie and the other just a few steps away from Gendarmenmarkt. It offers a great selection of fresh, vegetable-based meals at affordable prices all year round, perfect for an instant power-up during your lunch break! If you’re like me, and have had your fair share of gingerbread already, and need a break, this is just what the doctor ordered.

I haven’t bumped into an item on the menu that I wouldn’t like yet, but my recent favourite is the salmon salad. Greens with a twist on the trusty salmon – a good mix of healthy and yummy! In the bowl you’ll find fresh salmon, a lettuce mix, carrots, cucumber, and fresh horseradish. Each salad comes with a side and a dressing of your choice. For this combination, I recommend croutons for the extra crunch, and the dijon sauce to give it some spiciness.

Also, good news for all the vegetarians out there – the main component (chicken, fish, etc) in each menu option can be replaced with tofu. How cool is that?

marta food

marta third pic

Berlin: Café Mugrabi

Looking for the perfect hummus experience in the middle of a European capital can be quite the challenge. Thankfully, we came across Café Mugrabi, hidden in one of Berlin’s hip districts. Being eager to get our paws and forks into it we made a reservation for a 10:30 breakfast on a chilly Saturday morning.

A cute and cosy place was just what we needed. The sole look of the place makes you feel warm in the grey German autumn. the cafe specialises in a fusion of Israeli and Maghrebi (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania) cuisine.



The girls say:

Caddy: There aren’t many places I enjoy being at that early on a Saturday morning, but Mugrabi was worth climbing out of bed for. It being baltic outside, I opted for a hot honey and lemon tea once inside. For €3 I thought it was a bit expensive. Maybe it was the cold, maybe it was the cosy atmosphere, but good gracious that was some good tea.

Once I saw Shakshuka on the menu I was sold. I haven’t had this dish since I lived in Budapest so I was excited to eat it again. It was pretty good and a good sized portion too. Another big win for me was the friendly staff. Customer service tends not to be Berlin’s strongest strength, especially when you don’t speak the language, but Mugrabi’s staff were both lovely and helpful. They even offered me more bread, it’s like they knew the way to my heart.

Overall rating: 7/10


Theresa: As a big coffee lover and caffeine addict I appreciate it when I find good coffee. At Mugrabi I found exactly that: black, strong and aromatic. But not only that convinced me – the food did also.

With Maghreb food in Berlin I am a bit sceptical since it often tends to be tasteless (which is a shame). After reading the menu over and over again, and the fact that Caddy and Marta wanted to also share their dishes (yes, know I have a decision problem) I went for the Hebron Labor Sandwich.  The bread was really good (as a German I know what I am talking about) and it was accompanied by delicious roasted eggplant, goat cheese, za’atar and labane plus some aromatic spices. An explosion of tastes!

Each ingredient had its own aroma and tasted the right way. The only minus point: for that price (6.80€) there could have been a bit more on the plate. But I guess you pay for the experience.

The good coffee and food plus the nice atmosphere and staff are what makes Café Mugrabi the right place for a nice Saturday brunch with the girls if you want to try something new.

Overall rating: 7.5/10


Marta: Being the greedy goat, that I am, I decided to go all out and picked “Shabbat in Maghreb” – a set of 5 salads and dips served with delicious fresh flatbread. Could not eat it all by myself! Thankfully, I had my two little helpers with me.

The hummus was great, accompanied by all the traditional toppings and spices, but my heart goes to the carrots. It’s a simple, yet delicious snack, that I first fell in love with in Morocco earlier this year. Cafe Mugrabi definitely brought back some warm memories from North Africa.

Accompanied by an Arabic coffee with cardamon, my breakfast was close to perfect. A special mention goes to the serving plates and dishes. Café Mugrabi makes a lot of effort to keep everything authentic. My coffee even arrived brewed in a little metal pot so I could pour it myself into a little traditional cup. Plus, I got a sweet treat in the form of dried fruit to go with it. You could say I got an extra sexy date.

Overal rating: 8.5/10

IMG_20171118_105046 (1)

IMG_20171118_113056 (1)
Hot date


Café Mugrabi
Görlitzer Straße 58, 10997 Berlin